Atreia Rising - Book One

From The 'Life-of-Life' Series

In the beginning there was Wander Lust. She was without Essence. She was without Form. She was Dark. Lifeless. Then, from far beyond the suns and moons came ‘Life-of-Life’, bringing with it it’s own great Essence. Life-of-Life stretched out far across the lands of Wander Lust, first placing its essence containing pure life upon the lands of Atreia, and then next, to the lands beyond. And so it came to pass that Life was born, and a great race with true life within them did come forth. On Atreia Life was peaceful and good.

But evil seeks to destroy this place of Life. And so comes the time of ‘The Great Dreaming’, where war is raged on Atreia, the first and most beautiful world within the heavens. To conquer Atreia would be to conquer all. And so love must be sought, and then destroyed to avoid any chance of failure.

To find her destiny, Leena must overcome the difficulty of her ‘kept’ memory, and the sadness of a lost love. She needs also to help find the love within her two half brothers – Rokk and Vondine.

Michelle no longer knows what is real and what is not anymore – Is her life that of Earth, or that of Atreia? Finally worn down by life, she let’s go and embarks on the journey she knows she was always destined to take.

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“There’s a body, there’s a mind, and then there’s also a soul consciousness. When you get in touch with the soul consciousness, you become aware that other people also have a soul, and you communicate with that. Then you realise that you’re both part of a more divine realm, and that’s called “divine consciousness.” You can go even deeper into what is then called “unity consciousness,” where you realise that we are all inseparably one. All the separation is totally artificial.”

Deepak Chopra


About Me

MAL STEVENS - THE AUTHOR was born in 1971 in the small, country town of Geraldton, Western Australia, and at the very tender age of five - after discovering a love for reading whilst sitting at her Pops feet whilst he read in his library, decided that she would someday become an Author. Often her family and friends thought her weird because no matter where she was she could always be found with her nose in a book…and if her nose wasn’t in a book because of reading it, then it could be found in one of her many hundreds of journal notebooks filled with fanciful made up stories, and vivid descriptions about her life in general, and poetry. 

Today, I am a Registered Nurse by trade, a Mum 24/7, Mining and Construction Site Medic by day, and a writer by night. I rarely sleep (one day I think I am going to pay for that!) Storytelling, and writing is my heart and soul, and I happily and passionately lose myself to it on a daily basis.
With Lots Of Love xxx




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