• Mal Stevens

Increase Your Life Energy...

  1. Work a job you love, find your passion and build on it.

  2. Eat mineral, enzyme rich organic fruit and vegetables, and concentrated green powders, chlorella, avocados, and fresh raw pressed organic oils like hemp and olive oils.

  3. Stress LESS, learn proper breathing techniques, and start meditating.

  4. Connect with nature daily, and clear the mind with positive affirmations.

  5. Get rid of TV.

  6. Avoid all junk food.

  7. Eat algae and herbs, and infuse your cells with daily green juices.

  8. Connect with your inner child, make art, and be creative.

  9. Dance more.

  10. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol.

  11. Get rid of fear, worry, and learn to LOVE.

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