• Mal Stevens

Life Is Too Short

This life is too short.

Too short to live your life as a bad person. Too short to not hold onto the ones you love with all you have. And much too short to waste your time or settle for someone who does not possess the qualities you feel are necessary for a future companion. That is what love is. That is the stuff relationships are based on. I do believe in Karma and I definitely believe that the type of person you are and your actions shines through to others. By being a good person worthy of great things, eventually (in God’s time – not ours) great things will come your way. I know I’ve made my own share of mistakes and done things that I am not proud of. But I would never willingly repeat those things and I pray for forgiveness and guidance every day as I work towards being the person I want to be. I strive to change those things I am not proud of and be a better person. I pride myself on being a good person, giving more than I receive, and believing in all that God has promised me. I may not have received all of my “good Karma” yet but I know that by trying to be someone worthy of great things that I will one day get all that I long for. I’ll be that tenured teacher passing my expert knowledge and love of literature on to my students. I’ll be healthy and in shape, living a long and fulfilling life. And it will be wonderful, and magical, and the stuff that dreams are made of!

Until then, I’ll keep walking this earth in my cute pink shoes attempting to be a good person while waiting for my Karma to catch up with me...

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