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It has been said that ‘you are already capable of attracting such love and joy to you.' You may not feel that way now, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is closer than you may think!

Interestingly enough...the more deeply we look at our own relationship patterns, the more we may come to see that the same characteristics that originally attract us to certain people, are the very things that eventually repel us from them.

...through the rose coloured glasses of love, girl was charmed by boys easy-going attitude. They started a romance, time passed, and as the rapture faded, girl became increasingly irritated by what she then saw as boys procrastination and lack of motivation. In other words, girl was both attracted to and repelled from boy by the same characteristics. The only difference was in girls changed perception, as her life condition inevitably settled from the temporary ecstasy of rapture to the more mundane realities of humanity and beyond...

We all too often fall in love with people for who they aren’t (our projected ideal of perfection) and then leave them for who they are (less than perfect people, just like us).

It’s like feeling that ‘the wicked witch has killed the fair maiden,’ except that the wicked witch and the fair maiden are the same person.

When we neglect to have a good look at ourselves, our life condition can easily fall into the lesser worlds and we will notice things in other people that bother us. When we take a good look at the traits that irritate us most about other people, we often discover the same traits within ourselves.

The more we deny certain traits of our own, the more we feel threatened or irritated by similar traits in others.

Sources of attraction hold deep clues to who we are as people. We can learn more about ourselves not by whom we are attracted to, but by why we are attracted to them. When we feel attracted to someone, we should try to perceive the nature of our attraction before we become involved. Our karma to be attracted to certain types of people may be strong, and if our inherent wisdom warns against involvement, then we must either heed the warning or face the consequences.

Encouragement should be given to the lifelong practice of self-reformation as a means of developing the good fortune to meet the person who is right for you at the right time.

The goal should always be the same – to perceive yourself clearly and to manifest the wisdom, courage, and compassion to create relationships that you desire most, here and now.

We all have the power to shape our life to reflect our greatest, most enlightened self. What better motivation could there be to cultivate self-mastery and self-love?

If you truly loved yourself, you would never harm another xxx

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