Alpha Rentaur 'Life-of-Life Series - Book Two

Alpha Rentaur 'Life-of-Life Series - Book Two

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In the beginning came Alpha Rentaur of Constellation Edge. ‘Life-of-Life’ stretched out far across the lands and placed its essence containing pure life upon her, and a great race with true life within them did come forth. A race known throughout all of time as the greatest Prophets to ever live. On Alpha Rentaur, Life for the Renarians was peaceful and good.


However, far beyond the stars and moons on the other side of the Universe, Darkness dwelled like a silent tumour, laying patiently in wait for an opportunity to destroy this place of Life. For hundreds of thousands of years Darkness born and Darkness died, and then Darkness rebirthed again. It never left. Always there, laying silently in wait for the day to come when Light would cease to illuminate Life and be no more.


And if that day should come to pass, the Renarians vowed to keep their home of Alpha Rentaur pure and safe alongside the Darkness, until the time of the coming of ‘The Great Dreaming’. A time that man, woman and child alike all dreamed of when a great and bloody war of destruction would unfold, and a Dark ruler would rise, eager to take control firstly over the pure lands of Atreia of Wander Lust, then onto those that surrounded her. For to conquer Atreia was to conquer all.


Atreia’s only chance for survival lies within the unity of the seven constellations nestled high in the heavens amongst the stars.