The Dark Night Of The Soul

The Dark Night Of The Soul

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Condemnant quo non intellegunt


In September of my forty-first year, it was a perfect day; the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the leaves were swaying on the trees. The bright, warm sunlight shimmered and danced across the glistening pool of blood that was collecting below my lifeless body. My mind was one with the brick wall behind me that had just its original shade of cornsilk cream replaced by grey matter red. I lay sprawled across the garden path with what remained of my face staring up into the deep blue sky above me. Before my body had hit the ground, before my brain had erupted from my skull, there was a fleeting moment where I was truly free. It was beautiful, clear, instant, where everything was simple and my problems seemed insignificant. And it was in this blinding flash of enlightenment that I understood, beyond a doubt, that this was the only way to free myself...


Front Cover – ‘Prejudice’ By Hungarian Photographer Noell S Oszvald.


In ‘Prejudice’ 22-year-old Oszvald captures a balance between grief and beauty well beyond her years. The geometric composition and play of light and shadow creates a surreal scene that stops you in your tracks.


The Dark Night of the Soul is akin to a spiritual depression. It is a period in your life after you wake up to your true divinity that everything will seemingly go wrong. It is not uncommon for friendships/relationships to break down, to lose jobs, and to experience some of the hardest things you ever have (internally and externally). This is part of the process. It wakes you up to your shadow self, shows you what to work on in yourself, and it also makes you extremely resilient. Trust the process. The bad is being cleared out to make room for the magic to happen.


To anybody who has ever suffered through grief, shattered beyond repair, through loss, disbelief and devastation, may you find peace x